The Giant Peach

ɪ-89 (2018)

Songs are strange. A song crystalizes a moment in time. Write enough of them and you’ll find yourself traveling through the same moments again and again -- still acting out old feelings, battling the same fears and anxieties. Still missing the same person. When I wrote ‘I-89’, I felt like I myself had been crystalized. Every night, I’d step on stage, relive the same feelings, and then drive home. Do it all again the next day.

(c) 2018 Harrison Wood Hsiang


Music and lyrics by Harrison Wood Hsiang.
Performed by Harrison Wood Hsiang.
Produced by Harrison Wood Hsiang, Jacob McCaslin, and Max Shashoua.
Recorded by Harrison Wood Hsiang in Burlington VT.
Mixed by Harrison Wood Hsiang and Jacob McCaslin.
Mastered by Jacob McCaslin.
Album artwork by Harrison Wood Hsiang.

pulling teeth (2018)


Pulling Teeth came about as easily as the name might suggest. These songs were written over the course of tumultuous and ultimately terminal romance, captured moments of the un-tempered excitement of first love – and its eventual loss. In a soft-spoken earnestness that cuts through swelling horn lines and confessional guitars, Pulling Teeth tells of the inevitable loss of innocence that accompanies lost love. Pulling Teeth is the full-length debut of VT-based indie art rock band The Giant Peach. 


There are so many people without whom this would not have been possible, but the person I cannot thank enough is Max Shashoua. We did it, buddy. 

Special thanks to my family, every one of you, but especially Conrad and Emily for always listening and Uncle Chris, who taught me to play guitar; to Jasper Sloan Yip for his mentorship and his friendship; to Mike Dash for the same; to Stuart Warren and Daniel Scharstein, both of whom played drums on many of these songs far before they'd taken shape; to Emily Shearman for her advice and excitement; to the members of The Giant Peach, whether they're on here or not -- Jacob and Gloria; to Hannah Blackburn; and to Marykate. Thank you for coming on this journey with me. 

This project was supported by Doug Albregts, Laura Corbet, William Cuneo, Yeager V. Anderson, Susan Duncan, Nathaniel Durfee, Joshua Goldenberg, Jeff Hill, Edward and Kim Hsiang, Levik Gastello Khodaverdy, Claire Marx, Michael John Nunziante, Cynthia Eun-Young Park, Dana Pogorzelski, Maria and Raul Rico, Joao Ritter, Emily Shearman, Barbara Sokollek, Bill and Mary Ellen Theel, Gina Madeline Tomarchio, Devon Mari Tomasi, and Robert and Nancy Yasuda. 

(c) 2018 Harrison Wood Hsiang


Harrison Wood Hsiang // guitar, slide guitar (5, 6), keys, upright bass (5, 6), vocals
Max Shashoua // guitar (1, 4), bass, drums (1, 2, 4, 7), vocals (2, 3) 
Mike Nunziante // slide guitar (2, 7), vocals (3) 
Stuart Warren // drums (3) 
Pete Hayes // trumpet
Drew Gorin // saxophone
Christiana Zollner // violin
Robinson Morse // upright bass (9) 
Lucas Adler // drums (9) 
Jasper Sloan Yip // vocals (1) 
Emily Hsiang // vocals (2) 
Fiona Sullivan // vocals (1, 2, 3, 6) 
Amy Jo Weaver // vocals (4) 
Emily Shearman // vocals (9) 

All songs written by Harrison Wood Hsiang. 
Produced by Harrison Wood Hsiang, Max Shashoua, and Conrad Hsiang. 
Recorded by Harrison Wood Hsiang and Max Shashoua at Middlebury College in Middlebury VT, except "Coats," recorded at Meadowlark Studios in Williston VT. 
Mixed by Harrison Wood Hsiang and Jacob McCaslin. 
Mastered by Jacob McCaslin. 
Album artwork by Harrison Wood Hsiang.