If you could look into the first moments of The Giant Peach, you would find two friends camped out on a floor at Middlebury College. Amidst the dog-eared paperbacks, emptied whiskey glasses, and the too-many late nights they’d drawn around themselves, songwriter Harrison Hsiang and guitarist Max Shashoua wrestled a stubborn love and fragile idealism into eight songs – eight songs that would eventually form the skeleton of The Giant Peach’s first record, Pulling Teeth (2018). Through this process, The Peach grew to include violinist Gloria Breck, bassist Liam Lundal, guitarist Mike Nunziante, and drummer Jacob Shashoua – a sprawling family united from disparate backgrounds in blues, jazz, folk, and rock. Now, almost a year later, The Giant Peach is in the midst of recording their second record, Sleepless, due 2019. The band and the stages have grown. But if you could look in on it now, you would find a similar scene: camped out on a floor in a mess of pens and papers, laughing and joking late into the night.


Harrison Hsiang // vocals, guitar, piano

Max Shashoua // vocals, guitar, bass

Mike Nunziante // vocals, guitar

Liam Lundal // bass

Gloria Breck // violin, piano

Jacob Shashoua // drums

Thomas Wentworth // keys, vocals